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To kick of the new year, I’m inviting you to join me on a 90 Days to Homeowner Challenge.⁣

I’ll dish out all you need to know about what it might take for YOU to become a homeowner in 2021—the obvious and the not-so-obvious—to give you the grit and guts you need to make your home-owning dreams a 2021 reality.⁣

If you’re up for the challenge, scroll down to receive the 90-Day digital guide. Here's to making dreams come true in 2021!

Benefits of Owning Your Own Home


Build Credit

A great tip for improving a credit score is to improve average length of credit accounts and owning a home can accomplish this.


Build Equity

The longer that you own a home, the more you’ll pay towards the principle balance of any liens.  As the balance of any liens against a property gets lower and the value of the property increases, the larger the equity.


Tax Breaks

When you own a home, you are able to deduct the paid monthly interest from your tax returns.  During the first several years of the term of a mortgage, a borrowers monthly payment is almost all interest.  This means that at the end of the year there’s a nice deduction.



A huge benefit of owning a home is the ability and freedom to make changes.  Whether it’s something as simple as painting a bedroom or something complex such as a complete kitchen remodel, when you own a home you can make changes as you see fit.

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You are here because you have BIG GOALS to own a home. The purpose of this is to help you prepare and better understand the home buying process. Whether you purchase in 90-days or in 3 years, I'm here to walk you through every step of the way.

Let's get started!



Ready to take the challenge?

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